Political Situation in Bulgaria

December 10, 2005 by  
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Our preliminary impressions of the political and economical situation in Bulgaria were based on the recent acceptance of the country into NATO and its anticipated admission into the European Union in 2007. However, in the summer of 2005, the national elections were won by the Socialist party which brought extra tension to the country, although hardly 50% of the population participated through their votes. The Bulgarian Christian Coalition, representing Evangelicals, won only 21,000 votes while struggling to remain politically active. Nationalistic urges among political circles were also common. Violent public executions among underground cartels have become a normal event in Bulgaria’s everyday reality. The  economy has also been dramatically affected as over 90% of the population lives on the verge of poverty. The price of gas grew in the fall and led to the increase of the cost of food, electricity and travel.Various evangelical churches, among which many friends of ours attend, were targeted by the media. Articles against them infiltrated many evangelistic activities among Roma and other minority communities. The media attacks reminded of similar anti-protestant campaigns during 1990-93. Hopefully, this time, the evangelical churches may be prepared to respond adequately.