New Services in Yambol

We returned to our home base of Yambol for another series of services as a part of our National Bible Tour. We began with a youth rally for all evangelical churches in the region. The rally was held at the First Assemblies of God Church in Yambol where youth gathered for another experience with God. After the video presentation and talk about various products and services available on the web through our media consortium, we delivered a message dedicated on Pentecostal identity emerging from a life of holiness and Biblical standard. The message was challenging but well received by the youth and we had a great time ministering at the altar service.

We continued through the regular service on Sunday morning delivering a message on the Spirit of Pentecostal. The church building was packed as many also had to stand outside to doors. Several hundred people also came from close by churches and joined the congregation for the service. The alter service had a great impact not only on the people of Yambol, but on our team as well as most came to the altars for prayer.

After the service many shared their testimonies. An elderly lady came to us to tell us that in our service in Yambol last month, the sharp pain in her heart disappeared and she has not felt it for a month. Many more testified of miraculous healings and spoke of receiving a fresh touch from the Lord.