Blue Fire

blue-fire-xBy Kathryn Nell Donev

This past weekend while camping on top of the mountain of Petrohan with fellow believers, the Lord displayed his glory in many unique manifestations.  Some people were baptized in the Spirit, while others received a fresh blessing with new direction for their lives. Many more were healed instantaneously, as the Lord’s presence was both glorious and gentle remaining with us throughout the night.

Saturday evening, while in prayer around one of the torches which surrounded the perimeter of the tents, the Lord revealed to me in an ever peaceful way that we are to be “Blue Fire”.

The blue fire is the part of the flame which one does not really consider when thinking about a flame.  It is the element, which is at the base of the flame burning closest to the source. Therefore, the blue fire is the part with the most oxygen which allows for complete combustion.  It is in this state, leaving no residue, where the flame is the purest. The blue fire is the hardest to blow out and remains light even in the strongest winds. And despite popular belief, the blue part of the flame, and not the red one, is the hottest part of the fire.

The red flame receives its color from the impurities in the air that are being combusted.  These impurities absorb heat and are the cause for the red fire not being as hot as the blue fire. Since the red fire is not hot enough to reach the state of complete combustion not being close enough to the source, it leaves a soot residue, which contaminates its surroundings.  And when the wind blows it does not remain strong.

We are not simply to be on fire for God with a red flame, but we are to be on fire for God with a blue flame.  We are to be “Blue Fire”.  We are to be the hottest and most constant of the fire.  And it is in doing this that we provide true light to our surroundings and not residue.  We are to remain as hot as blue fire in order to be without impurities, uncontaminated by the world.  For it is the blue fire which does not to waiver in the wind; and it is the blue fire which remains as one with the source of the flame.