80 Years Bulgarian Pentecostal Union

November 5, 2008 by  
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The Bulgarian Pentecostal Union is celebrating 80 years from its conception in 1928 when Bulgarian born missionary Dr. Nickolas Nikoloff, trained and ordained by the Assemblies of God denomination, arrived in Bourgas with a mission to organize the Pentecostal communities across the country into one denomination. The Bulgarian Pentecostal movement had begun almost a decade earlier, when Ukrainian immigrants to the United States, Voronaeff, Zaplishny and Koltovitch returning as missionaries to their motherland, preached the new message of Pentecost in Bulgaria. At the same time, a more conservative group split from the newly founded Union establishing an underground network of Spirit-baptized holiness churches, which were able to survive the persecutions of the Communist Regime (1944-1989) and is today commonly known as the Church of God in Bulgaria.

Members from the whole country were present for the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the Bulgarian Pentecostal Union which took place in the capital Sofia. Our team was able to represent the Bulgarian Church of God at the meeting. We were also given the opportunity to speak at the New Wave Youth Rally which took place that same afternoon and were able to present to the some one thousand young people who filled the whole auditorium, our new project Bibliata.TV. In addition on Sunday, we ministered at the Fire Church of God in Sofia lead by the Church of God Regional Overseer for the Sofia region, Pastor Daniel Kirov and at the Salvation Church of God, where we finished two of the modules of the National Leadership Seminar for the Church of God.