WebMinistry 2.0 for Churches {Step-by-Step Guide} Part 5: 5 Things to Learn about WebMinistry 2.0


1.To have a website that is seen by search engines is as important as having a website itself. After all, the idea is to tell the world, not just yourself, about your ministry.

2.Write regularly. Rank-based search engines like Google-like websites that are updated regularly, simply because the visitors like new stuff as well. News is the very purpose of communication. You would not leave your church without a new sermon for weeks. Why should you leave your website without new posts?

3.Keep up with new developments and upgrade your website backend often. To look for new alternatives is not a waste of time, because what took days to program by hand a few years ago, is now available for free and ready to use.

4.Use video. Shoot, edit, publish, embed or broadcast live. Always, always use video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth 25,000 words per second {a thousand words for each of the 25 picture frames it plays every given second of its length}.

5.Communicate with your visitors. Provide way to receive and respond to feedback. Communicate with other web ministries. The web is about networking. Use it as prescribed.