Viara TV Board Established

September 5, 2006 by  
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On September 5, 2006 the Spiritual Advisory Board of the new TV channel, Vaiara TV (Faith TV) was established and constituted in the capital Sofia. The board will be working on the new program strategy with television shows reaching a maximum public of the Bulgarian-speaking population in the country of Bulgaria and abroad.

Blagovest Belev, president and executive producer of the Shalom TV Production Company is chairman of the board. The writer Boris Ditchev and the publisher Dimitrina Nikolova will serve as board members. The young actor Daniel Angelov will be responsible for public relations and contacts, while the legal council Valery Zhdrakov will secure the legal side of the project. Dony Donev, author of the popular Christian websites, and, will serve as a board member responsible for Internet and media.

Viara TV will reflect on the religious convictions of the Bulgarian people with respect to all delicate topics and in search for a new paradigm of religious tolerance. The faith within, as an alternative for the lack of spirituality, sinfulness and denial of moral values, will be the guiding light in all television productions shown by the new Christian channel.