Return to Yablanitza Church of God

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yablanitsa.jpgBecause of its strategic importance in our ministry, the return to Yablanitza has been a long planned event. During a successful pastoral term in 1992-1993, we were able to encourage the church to continue and complete its prolonged building program. Several of our closest friends were also instrumental in preparing the blueprints and sponsoring the building project. As a result a modern ministry complex is now active in the town of Yablanitza as a part of the Bulgarian Church of God ministry there.

We returned to Yablanitza for a series of revival services and were able to minister to a good number of people while there. The revisiting with old friends and precious memories were both refreshing and motivating. We are praying to be able to conduct another revival series in the area and to minister in the Yablanitza church in the near future.