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If you feel this message is relevant to your church and missionaries you support, please feel free to forward it around the globe. It is our prayer, that with doing so we will be able to reach more people with God’s Mission of Salivation for the Last Days.

Dear Missionary,

We are writing to inform you of the launching of our new site, WorldMissions.TV. This is a Christian based site, which purposes to give a place where missionaries can inform of their work and remain connected with their churches, families and friends. It is the goal of  WorldMissions.TV to offer an atmosphere where missions’ videos can be watched by millions of people across the globe.

When missionaries make the sacrifice to go to the uttermost parts of the earth they sometimes experience a feeling of disconnect being on the other side of the world, but with the help of this site, missionaries are provided a collective experience. It allows the body of Christ to come together in unity to exalt His mission above all – saving eternal souls regardless of the cost, location, race, ethnicity, language or denomination.

We ask that you join together with us in sharing our unique missional experiences with those whom may never be able to go to the mission field and at the same time to those whom are called to missions or already on the field. It may be because of your uploaded video of enduring through the jungles of Indonesia to preach to a group of people who has never heard the gospel, that a person whom you never spoke with accepts the call for missions; or it possibly will be that your video provides the encouragement needed for a couple experiencing hardship.

Through this site you can share of your trails, your successes, the miracles you have witnessed in order that God be given the glory. We should not remain quite simply because some are in disbelief of the True resurrective power of God. In the words of the old children’s song:

I’m going to shout it from the mountain tops
I want the world to know;
The Lord of love has come to me,
I want to pass it on.

And this is exactly what we are purposing through WorldMissions.TV. When people see the miracles and wonders of missions across the world, there is no other alternative than to cry:

“Holy, Holy, Holy”
“Santos, Santos, Santos”
“神聖, 神聖, 神聖”
“Svet, Svet, Svet”

Sincerely and In His Service,

Dony and Kathryn Donev
Cup and Cross Ministries International, Bulgaria