Bibliata.TV Reaches 5000 Mark

October 30, 2009 by  
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bibliatatvBibliata.TV is one of our ministry websites for Christian videos targeting Bulgarian speaking people. The site gives opportunity for churches, ministers and individual believers to publish their Christian videos of worship, preaching, evangelizing, prayer, drama, movies and much more. On September 15, 2008 our team pre-released the website in beta testing version and it was officially launched in November 2008 after rebuilding the site due to government interference.  Now after successfully relocating our servers to a secure hosing under a new contract and overcoming many trials, today one year latter on October 26, 2009 we reached having 5000 Christian videos with over 800 users.

We send this to you as a praise report of having a culture changing Christian presences on the World Wide Web. When media is filled with pornography, indecent suggestive thoughts, violence and sheer ungodliness, Bibliata.TV provides a ChristSpace in which the name of the Lord can be broadcasted worldwide. It allows for the Bulgarian culture to express their religious beliefs and no longer be a slave to the communist oppressive mentality.  Believers are free to share a new reality to a new generation.

Nearly every month we are encouraged by the testimonies of Bibliata.TV.  Here are some of them:

  • An elderly lady whom has difficulty leaving the home was instantly healed after watching a healing service on the site.
  • A gentleman from the ghettos of Sofia heard the praise and worship videos of a local church and after contacting the pastor and attending his church he was saved.  Now his whole family faithfully attends this church.
  • A lady from a small village with no church watched the regularly uploaded services of a pastor and called the next day to receive the Lord as Christ and Savior.
  • A Bulgarian business man has offered to partner with us to absorb some of the cost of the hosting of the site.

Due to this overwhelming success and popularity of the site, we have had to rethink our hosting strategy and Lord willing in the next few months we will negotiate a contract with a new firm to provide us with greater bandwidth so that even more users will be able to upload their videos to the site and be able to share in the ministry of others who have uploaded to the site. We are also in the process of releasing a similar website for English speaking believers, which we are calling WorldMissions.TV.