Church in Polyana

March 25, 2004 by  
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In February 1997 Cup and Cross Ministries visited the village of Polyana for the first time. Due to the lack of building and the resistance of the local authorities to allow us to meat in an available auditorium, the first service there was held in the local bar. As the Lord blessed richly the meeting, 26 were saved and 3 were baptised in the Holy Spirit.

The following week we arrived at the village for another service. The mayor met us personally to let us know that because of different complaints we were restricted from ministering in the area of his jurisdiction. We referred to the National Constitution, which gives officially recognized and registered religious groups and ministries the right to hold meetings and minister. Yet, we were not given the opportunity to preach at Polyana.

Four years later the situation has changed radically. After the Lord touched the mayor and his family, our Mission Team was allowed the freedom to hold meetings in the Polyana village. Due to the lack of own building the team has often held services in the local Orthodox Church, an event which is a precedent for Bulgaria.

The group of believers quickly grew and we had the opportunity to rent the House of Council, a building built for the purposes of the local Communist Structure, for the church meetings. The building has a meeting room, Sunday school room which turns to a children’s church during the service hours, church office and food pantry. The congregation has over 50 members and a number of sympathizers who visit regularly. Each week the Sunday School gathers additional over 20 children in the age of 3-14 years. The children are taught the Bible and fed in the services. We are praying that one day we will have the opportunity to purchase the building to be owned by the church.