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In 1996, we participated in the establishment of Shalom TV – a Christian television production company located in Yambol, Bulgaria. Through the past decade the company has been involved in a number of television productions, but struggled to provide cutting edge Christian television. Upon our arrival in Bulgaria, we used the already established foundation, to contact pastoral fellowships around the country to discuss with them the need for a solid media presence of the evangelical churches in Bulgaria.One of the main reasons why our ministry in Bulgaria reached such an extraordinary potential was its direct implementation of media. Many of our events were broadcasted directly via radio or Internet. Various newspapers reflected on our work and two TV channels aired news coverage about the ministry. It was natural then, that as we worked directly with pastors and churches we were constantly asked about the use of media in ministry.

As a result, an old dream of ours came to reality. In the fall of 2005, we were able to reactivated the Shalom Group—a media consortium of evangelical churches which promotes Christian values and provides media representation for Bulgarian Protestantism. As a part of this media consortium, our team has designed a series of strategic websites focusing on various fields of Christian ministry. A website dealing with pastoral issues ( has already been launched, and another one dealing with chaplaincy is awaiting its release by the end of the year. Additionally, Shalom TV released a video sermon series for cable televisions in ten large Bulgaria cities. The series are also featured online via the websites of the consortium.

This media campaign has already brought attention with its actions. Recently, the group represented the Bulgarian Evangelicals in their opposition of a TV show mocking God and Christianity. An open letter was designed and broadcasted presenting the evangelical position on social issues like violence, pornography, foul language and negative subliminal messages via media like TV, radio and internet.