Services in Sofia

The Nazarene church in Sofia invited us to participate in their service last Sunday. We were able to respond to the invitation as part of our regular trips to the capital Sofia and ministered in the service Sunday afternoon. The church began only a few years back, as U.S. missionaries prepared the groundbreaking for its foundation. A close friend of ours from my hometown Yambol is now pastoring the church that is currently located in the Mladost suburb of Sofia.

Over 20 evangelical churches are located in the Mladost suburb of Sofia alone. The Nazarene church, for example, shares a building with the local Baptist church. Another large independent evangelical church is anticipating a building permit to build close by. The Church of God is also represented with a congregation and several cell groups. As the capital city is turning into a mega metropolis doubling its size to 2.5 million people, many of them seek residence in the suburbs where prices seem to be more affordable. This gives the church a unique opportunity to address a much larger congregation than anticipated when its original location was chosen. We are hoping to continue working with the church in the future helping them with reconstructing their strategy for a more openly expressed evangelistic approach toward ministry and growing of the membership.