Services in Shoumen and Jeravna

August 30, 2006 by  
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Shoumen, Bulgaria is a place of rich history and tradition. The town, which is the location of the first Bulgarian capitals, Pliska and Veliki Preslav, was originally founded in the early Middle Ages as a fortress and settlement and by the end of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom was given it’s current name.

It was in Shoumen that this past weekend, the tour was held. The events began with a Saturday night region-wide youth service, which was hosted by the Shoumen First Assemblies of God. The message delivered was entitled “Guarding Your Heart”. During the alter call three young people dedicated their lives to Christ. Our team also ministered during the Sunday morning service.

Afterwards, we traveled to the village of Jeravna and held an evening service in the local church. Following the service, the church members and villagers gathered on the hilltop for a time of fellowship and singing. As, the sun set and the livestock was being shepherded in for the evening, the village was filled with beautiful, heartfelt praise. Jeravna is only a small town which reached its’ prosperity in the 18th – 19th century as a center for craftsmanship, trade and revival; yet, the people have not forgotten their roots and these defining characteristics are still present in Jeravna today.