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Several months ago we returned to Bulgaria with a Word from God from Isaiah 3:10. God commands the prophet: “Say ye to the righteous it shall be well with them.” The words are a great surprise for the reader who in the first part of the chapter has been exposed to the tragic picture of God judging His own people. The reasons for this are listed: open sin as the sin of Sodom followed by pride, brotherly oppression and lack of responsibility, no accountability, preoccupation with the self and unfaithfulness. The punishment that follows is severe: famine in the land, complete removal of all financial support, lack of leadership and a spreading national crisis that leads to a certain death. But all these reasons and subsequences are summed by the prophet in one statement: Israel has sinned and God is punishing the loss of righteousness. Yet, in the midst of desolation, depression and destruction, God gives a ray of hope through the words of the prophet “Say ye to the righteous it shall be well with them.”

The similarities between the situation in Israel several hundred years ago and Bulgaria today are many. The country is in a state of depression, as the economical and social factors once hoped to bring the crises to an end are now turning to be the very issues that are creating it. Crime and oppression of the people has continued even during the country’s state of democracy as many political observers, journalists and government watch-dogs are exposing a long-lasting connection between the government and the mafia.

The effect of the social conditions on the church cannot remain secret either. Both Eastern Orthodox and Protestant congregations experience the results of the ongoing national crises, as denominations are being split over leadership and financial disagreements. The Bulgarian Evangelical movement lacks strong, trained and informed leadership attempting to battle 21-century issues with a mentality and methods that have remained from the underground persecution of Communist Regime. While the nation looks to the church for answers and hope, the church is torn apart by issues that has very little to do with the Christian faith thus loosing its grip of reality, and worst of all, its focus on ministry.

Who can give security for tomorrow in this context?
Who can guarantee life and future during a time of national depression?

We came to Bulgaria this year to bring this one message to the people and the churches. To announce with the prophet that God gives such promise faithful and true: “Say ye to the righteous it shall be well with them.” But there is one condition. The promise is not for everyone. It’s not for the whole nation. It’s not for the whole church. It is only for the ones who will be found faithful and true in the sight of God. The promise is for the righteous and for the righteous alone. “It shall be well with them.” (Isaiah 3:10)

Say Ye to the Righteous is a mesage preached at the 12th Annual Mission Conference in Pahokee, Florida

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