Revival in Bulgaria Again

It has happened again. We are in revival in Bulgaria.

Upon the invitation of the pastor of the oldest Pentecostal church in Bulgaria, we traveled to the Black Sea port city of Bourgas to hold a seminar on the subject of eschatology. As services unfolded, it was clear that a revival was at hand and our time of ministry there would extend beyond the preliminary schedule.

We held a total of five services from Sunday through Wednesday. The topic of the conference included subjects as the Seven Churches of Revelation, the Rapture of the Church, Resurrections and Judgments and the City of God. The revival took believers back to their Pentecostal roots urging them to prepare for the meeting in the clouds. The church was filled every night regardless of the hot temperatures and services finished with altar calls in which prayers continued until dark.

While in Bourgas, we used this opportunity to coordinate the X Youth Event scheduled for the summer of 2007 in partnership with Bulgarian Christian organizations as part of our national tour. Before the revival was over we received three invitations to continue services in the close by towns of Chernomoretz, Ahtopol and Sinemoretz. We intend to follow up these ministry opportunities and we do ask that you pray for the success of this revival beyond the scope of our ministry and for the endurance of our team. We are confident that as we obey the leadership of the Holy Spirit again, God will provide both the time and means necessary to complete the assigned task.