Revival Begins in Chicago

March 20, 2009 by  
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revival-begins-in-chicagoAfter a brief visit with the Bulgarian Consulate Office to finalize the details of our trip, we returned to the Bulgarian Evangelical Church of God in Chicago for a blessed time of reunion and ministry.  This occasion marked the beginning our National Revival Tour – a ministry endeavor reaching virtually all active Bulgarian Evangelical churches in North America. 

The message brought was one of forgiveness and reconciliation as through the years of ministry we have seen this as the most important step toward spiritual revival and revitalization of the church. We were grateful to learn that our prayers of many years had already been answered, as we received numerous testimonies of changed lives both during and after the service. For brotherhood and holiness were the foundations of the original vision on which this church was birthed, expressed in the simple but powerful words: “Revival must go on …”

Upon our departure for the 2009 National Revival Campaign, we were invited back to hold a three day seminar for the Bulgarian Evangelical  Church of God in Chicago during the month of May as follows:

May 1, 2009: WebMinistry 2.0

May 2, 2009: Church Leadership Seminar (Modules 1 through 6)

May 3, 2009: 20 Signs of the Last Days