Resurrection in Bulgaria

January 10, 2006 by  
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by Kathryn DonevThe Old Testament reports of three resurrections from the dead and the New
Testament reports of at least seven more, including the daughter of Jairus
shortly after her death, a young man from Nain in the midst of his own funeral
procession and Lazarus, who had been buried for three days.

It was at the very moment of Christ’s death that tombs opened and many who were
dead awaken. According to the Gospel of Matthew, after Christ’s resurrection,
many of the saints whom were dead came out of their tombs and entered
Jerusalem, where they appeared to many. These are the accounts of which we
read in Scripture.

It is true that the same God, who raised people from the dead over two thousand
years ago, still works in the lives of His people today. He is still on
the throne and performs miraculous works including raising his children from
the dead. It is true that He still moves stones.

Last Easter, we reported of a gentleman who had been raised from the dead.
During this past term of ministry in Bulgaria we had the opportunity to
personally meet his wife who prayed for him as he fell dead. She was in
attendance of one of our services and we used the occasion to acquire some
details of the resurrection. She was able to give a full account with the
testimony of her whole family, reporting of the miraculous power of God who
brought her husband back to life. For a neverchanging, all-powerful God we
return to Him thanks.