National Leadership Seminar for the Bulgarian Church of God

October 10, 2008 by  
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sofia-church-of-godWhile ministering in Bulgaria, we are continuing to offer our leadership seminar to churches and communities nationwide. Our team has worked on developing this Leadership Seminar over the course of the past three years to equip church leaders and their ministry teams, serve as joining clay for pastors and churches within the structure of the denomination and to provide the vision for the next level of ministry for the Church of God denomination in Bulgaria.

This year we have presented the introductory level of the seminar and its first module in various locations across the country including the capital Sofia and Sliven. This past weekend we were able to teach the seminar for the Bulgarian Church of God regions of Gabrovo and Samokov. We have plans to present the first two levels of the seminar at the churches in Yambol and Bourgas, and then to teach the next three modules in Gabrovo and Sofia. All five levels of the seminar will be presented at the national ministerial meeting in Rouse which will take place during the month of November.