National Leadership Seminar for the Bulgarian Church of God of Prophesy in Rousse

November 15, 2008 by  
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November 9th through the 11th our team held the Bible Leadership Seminar for the National Assembly of the Church of God of Prophecy in Rousse.  Monday afternoon we gathered in the upper room of the church where there were some 50 leaders from the country were present. The pastor opened the seminar with prayer and song and we followed with the introduction of the course and then taught on the 21 Laws of Leadership from a Biblical Perspective. After a small break we introduced the module on Problem Solving, which was received very well by the audience and continued with a brief discussion. 

On Tuesday morning we reassembled at 8:30 and taught on the 17 Laws of Teamwork for Churches.  Due to interest in the two sessions on Internal Motivation and Stress Management, which were briefly discussed in the afternoon sessions on Monday, we set aside a block of time to further explore these topics which was well received.  The final module reviewed was the 52 Leadership Principles of Jesus.

Every church to which we have presented this Leadership Seminar has received it differently. Some identify more with the Laws of Leadership, whereas others find that they receive the most training from the module on Teamwork.  Nonetheless, we have observed how most placed great interest in the idea of internal motivation.  For when we loose sight of our original passion we find ourselves becoming external stimulated and not internally generated by our God-given drive. Yet, regardless of how many lectures on leadership one sits under or how many books one reads we must never overlook to learn from the greatest leader of all, Jesus Christ and from the greatest book of all times, the Bible.