Ministry in the Heart of Bulgaria

The Revelation Revival which we reported of has been extended again. After ministering in the oldest Pentecostal church in Bulgaria in the period of July 8-11, 2007 we received invitations from three other churches also located at the Black Sea coast. Immediately after closing the meetings in Bourgas, we traveled to these towns and ministered with great success there as services extended through July 19, 2007. We then returned to our base location in Yambol but only to get on the road again and minister in the heart of Bulgaria. As the Holy Spirit led us in prayer, we traveled to the cities of Gabrovo and Kazanlak for yet another move of God.

In Gabrovo we visited with good friends and ministered to the Church of God congregation. The service ended with an alter call during which people prayed under a great anointing from the Holy Spirit, and we anticipate that God has much more in store for Gabrovo. Our team then traveled back across the Balkan mountain range to visit with another pastoral family in the city of Kazanlak. We ministered in the Baptist church which they pastor and had a great time of ministry and fellowship with the congregation. This church is the first Baptist church in Bulgaria, which was started over a century ago and we were blessed with this touch of Bulgarian protestant history.We are now anticipating the finale of this revival wave, as we are preparing for the “X Youth Event” which our team will hold in the Black Sea Garden of Bourgas along with the participation of the contemporary Christian band “Extremum” and the help of several local congregations. For even when every human effort and strategy fails, revival must go on …