Ministering in Minneapolis

March 25, 2009 by  
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ministering-in-minneapolisThe next stop on our trip was the Bulgarian church in Minneapolis. Through the years, we have ministered in a number of national conferences organized by this church, but we have never had a chance to minister to the congregation apart from that. Therefore, it was a real treat to visit with them while traveling through Minnesota and minister in their Sunday service. 

When arriving in Minneapolis the weather was a bit chilly with light snow.  Yet, the welcoming of the Bulgarian Church there was warm. We had service in an overlook lounge of a local complex reserved for the occasion as 21 people were present.  We began with praise and worship which followed with testimonials of the blessings of the Lord over the past week. After, we were able to minister with the Word and have a time of prayer following the service in which we together along with the pastor anointed those who came forward for special prayer.

Afterwards, we had a time of fellowship with a meal prepared by the various families of the church. The people were curious to learn about our ministry, especially our time of service in Bulgaria and graciously offered to take turns praying for us during our travels.