Ministering at Stara Zagora Again

This past Sunday we were privileged to minister in the Awakening Church of God in the city Stara Zagora. Stara Zagora is about an hour travel from Yambol and is one of the oldest settlements in Southeastern Europe being at least eight thousand years old. Although we have a long standing relationship with the pastor and many of the members, this is our first time visiting this church and we were welcomed very graciously.

We came to know Pastor Dimitar Luchev (Jimmy) almost 20 years ago while pastoring in Pravetz. Our youth groups often held prayer meetings and youth services with the church in Etropole where he ministered at the time. We continued our relationship with Jimmy and his family during his studies at the Church of God Theological Seminary in Cleveland and we were happy to see them again and to be of assistance to their ministry in Stara Zagora.

With nearly a hundred in attendance, and a large majority of this number being young people, the message was focused on passing on the faith to the next generation. During the alter call the church gather and prayed of the youth of the church. After the service, Jimmy testified of how the sermon was timely and a confirmation for the direction the church was taking. We will continue to support Jimmy and his congregation in prayer and fasting, as they are faithfully taken the journey toward a new level of ministry in the Stara Zagora region.