Mega Youth Rally in Sliven

October 10, 2006 by  
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The next mega youth rallies took place in the town of Sliven, close to the Karandilla mountain. These youth rallies are a part of our National Bible Tour featuring various speakers and music bands and purposing unification of the body of Christ in any given town in Bulgaria. This service truly fulfilled its calling as a number of Sliven youth groups who came together for the mega youth rally were surprisingly joined by a larger number of youth from Yambol who traveled the distance between both cities for the occasion. The unity of the gathering brought about a strong presence of the power of God which removed the various failures in the planning of the event along with the usual technical difficulties with the audio, video and transportation equipment. Soon after the worship started we found ourselves in the presence of the Lord and there was nothing with which to compare it. After a brief presentation and a message, the altars were opened and virtually all present came out to pray. The minutes were passing and about an hour and a half later the worship team dismissed the meeting. Regardless, the youth remained in their places and continued to pray and worship the Lord in a powerful unity. We learned a lesson from these young people from Sliven and Yambol. When a young generation does not want to leave the presence of God, something is about to happen.