Meeting with the Pastoral Fellowship in Gabrovo

October 5, 2008 by  
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We are continuing our ministry in Bulgaria focusing on events with a countrywide impact. We met with the National Pastoral Fellowship in the town of Gabrovo recently to discuss the opportunity for a national media campaign focusing on the role of evangelical churches in the Bulgarian community. Pastors of the leading churches in the country were present and along with other colleagues we were able to discuss key factors in promoting the ministry of the local church in the community. A special celebration was planned for the Day of Reformation on October 31st which is to be called, “A Day of Open Doors”. On this day, many churches will be open for unchurched people from the community whom will be given a tour of the church to be introduced to all ministries available to them and their families. Along with this, several large Bulgarian towns will hold a series of press conferences dealing with the role of Protestantism in Bulgarian history. We are planning to participate in this events through creating a fairly large volume of printed and online publications addressing the above issues and helping the local church congregations to learn and remember their historical heritage. We are also planning on releasing the final edition of another long-term project of ours, namely the printed edition of the 1871 Constantinople Bible – the first complete publication of the Bible in spoken Bulgarian.