Karandila Youth Camp

August 15, 2006 by  
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Once again our team attended the Karandila Youth Camp and this year during the Friday night service, which is dedicated to praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, 41 were baptized. For this we praise the Lord. On Friday night after a multi-media presentation of our website www.bibliata.com, we delivered a message on God’s grace and the importance of restoring fallen ones back to the faith and the first love.

People every year come from all over the country of Bulgaria and abroad to take part in this camp meeting, which is held the first full week of August. It was reported that over 800 were in attendance with more than 400 tents registered. The various countries that were represented were Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland and the United States.What takes place each year on the mountain of Karandila is life-changing. It is an experience in which one returns back to the basics. In this humbleness and with such longing desire many are touched by the power of God. When witnessing hundreds of young people falling to their knees and crying before the Lord there is no doubt that there is revival in the lands of Bulgaria.