Hitting the Ground Running


Our team in Bulgaria has had a lots of ministry events that has demanded our time and focus, but it has been rarely as intense and overwhelming as this second part of 2010. We can only be thankful to the Lord and the people who pray for us and support our ministry, that we have been able to continue in this run for the ministry and proof ourselves successful through the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We have truly been hitting the ground running.

At the end of August, our team organized and held the Youth Ministry Camp in the Balkan mountain where over 65 young leaders and ministers attended our annual training.

Then, in the first week of September we taught at the Regional Church of God Seminar in Gabrovo, and then continued for a week with the National Leadership Seminar in Rouse.

Immediately after it was over, we departed for the capital Sofia, where for the next two weeks we taught the first ever Masters in Chaplaincy Program in Bulgaria. Over 20 students signed for the program, which was both exciting and encouraging after spending five years of hard work and great anticipation, through many trials and obstacles, to reach this historic moment.

A day later, we departed to the island of Cyprus upon the invitation of a student of ours, who is now pastoring five Bulgarian congregations there. Upon the word from the Holy Ghost we received several years ago, we will be holding our annual X event on 10.10.10 in the capital Nicosia. The event is preceded by a two week revival with the churches on the island and training for the pastoral teams, which falls in place with the worldwide Micah Challenge event. Please, pray with us as we are anticipation a great move from God on 10.10.10.

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