Healing in the Midst of Revival

November 10, 2006 by  
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After the Monday night service of the revival we held in Sofia, a lady came to us and testified of a healing in her left arm where she had been experiencing tremendous pain to the point of not being able to move it. She further reported that during the service the pain completely left her body.

While in revival services in Bourgas a similar healing took place. In the middle of the alter call, an elderly lady testified with a shout and with her hands raise to the Lord in thanks for a physical healing. This lady testified that before the service she could not move her arm or leg on one side of her body and that during the time at the alter she received an instant healing in which she was able to walk without hindrance and could move her arm and open her crippled hand. We also just received confirmation that a lady was healed from cancer during the revival in Bourgas.

Revival is a time of restoration but it is only after we humble ourselves, pray, seek his face and turn from our wicked ways that our sins will be forgiven and there will be healing in the land. We praise the Lord for this dynamos healing power and know that He in not finished with the work He has begun.