EU Referendum

by David Hathaway

I feel that I must write to you, urging you to pray. Yesterday I took part in two TV programmes regarding the referendum which will be broadcast on Revelation TV before June 23rd.

I am greatly troubled by the debate on both sides of the referendum on the EU. Neither side is dealing with the major issues, with claim and counter claim covering the main issues with a smoke screen, so that the public are being totally deceived. The two main issues being batted over the net are migration and the economy.

Migration is an issue so big that it dwarfs all other topics. The EU cannot handle this, it is not a political or military problem. Its root and answer is totally spiritual. Neither Britain nor the EU can solve this without God – but to accept Moslem countries such as 78 million Turks into ‘Christian’ Europe, either now or in the future -will create terrorism because our own experience is that they do not integrate, and it will bring Syria and Iraq directly on to our borders. The flood tide will be unstoppable.

The economy is also part of the smokescreen. The EU is an economic experiment which has failed. Of all the trading groups in the world, it has the lowest growth rate. Any attempt on our part to join it will inevitably bring disaster on us. Who are the economists who say that we will be worse off coming out of the EU? Why did they not foresee and warn us of the last recession in 2008?! It is no thanks to the EU and these economists that our recovery is faster and better than theirs. Proof enough that we are stronger without them.

Now for the major issue. If we remain in the EU we will have to surrender, not just sovereignty, but all democracy.

The EU is not democratic in any way. Just as under communism, the EU ‘parliament’ only votes through the issues presented to them by unseen, unelected ‘leaders’. I have known for many years that when sitting, the EU Parliament has so many pieces of legislation to pass in a limited time that there is very little discussion, so that bad laws are passed without question. Most of these issues, if brought before our Parliament, would be subject to much discussion, debate and amendment.

The other major issue of democracy is that many of the countries in the EU have never been democratic in the sense which Britain has. Our democracy dates back 800 years to the Magna Carter. German experience of democracy only came after the last war! Previously a collection of tribes or ‘princedoms’, finally united under the Kaiser, and then under Hitler – but never experiencing democratic rule until after WWII. Most of the countries which came out of communist control had also not experienced democracy. One would question France, especially Italy which is similar to Germany, also Spain under Franco, in fact with most of the countries within the EU, if they had experienced democratic government, it was only relatively recently. Look also at history in Austria, Hungary under the Hapsburgs.

In Europe, only Britain has a long and hard won history of true democracy. How can we even contemplate surrendering 800 years of history – and of bloodshed? Did the millions who gave their lives to defeat Napoleon – the Kaiser – Hitler – and communism, die in vain? Why are we surrendering our hard won freedoms in order to be ruled by an unelected ‘cabal’ whom we don’t know? No one is telling us who are the so-called ‘visionaries’, whose experiment we are, as they seek to establish the ‘New World Order’ of a Utopia without God?

Then there is the spiritual issue. In the treaties forming the Union, they openly rejected any suggestion of recognising our Judeo/Christian heritage. The European Parliament Building in Strasburg – built to continue the rebellion against God which started in Babylon with its famous tower; the ‘Woman on the Beast’ after which Europe gets its name – ‘Europa’: these two symbols alone identify Europe with rejection of God! The EU is designed to follow the French pattern of a totally secular state. Yet former French President Chirac himself said that, ‘in establishing a totally secular state, we created a dry river bed of atheism which will draw a flood tide of militant religion.’ You only have to look at France over the last year to see how prophetic his words were – truly the biggest threat to France today is that militant religion! Then the Bible is clear that God’s judgement is over the way that we treat Israel. In Britain we have supported Israel – both historically and now today. The EU has rejected Israel and politically and financially supports the Palestinians against Israel.

These issues were all dealt with when I produced my documentary film, ‘The Rape of Europe’ (which is available to watch below), 16 years ago. The fact that the EU features in Daniel’s prophetic picture as the last empire before Christ sets up His Kingdom on earth, is important, but just evidence of the truth of Bible prophecy.