Easter Services in Houston

April 25, 2009 by  
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houston “Jesus has risen.  He has risen indeed”, was the greeting on the morning of celebrating Easter with the Bulgarian Evangelical Church in Houston. We gathered in the building of the Second Baptist Church of Houston and had service and fellowship there for the next five hours. The message we preached focused on the Resurrection of Christ and we could barely hold our tears during the services, as the Holy Spirit visited the congregation encouraging everyone in His presence. The anointing was so strong that people began sharing about the blessings of the Lord in their lives and we concluded the service by praying for and anointing all present including the children.

The Bulgarian Evangelical Church in Houston is close to our hearts not only because it is the newest Bulgarian church in the United States, but because it incorporates a wide range of opportunities for the development of church leadership, congregation growth and ministry effectiveness. Therefore, we continued teaching the next day on the 20 Signs of the Last Days presenting the church with the urgency of the times that we live in. We prayed for the people of the church with the same prayer we blessed every church throughout our journey, as we pronounced a three-fold blessing over each family: (1) that they would receive a Boaz Blessing (3) that they would have a debt free home and (3) that God would give them an encounter with a person that could bless them in such a away, that they could become a blessing to others.