He Remains the Same in Stara Zagora

November 20, 2009 by  
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stara-zagora-church-of-godThis past Sunday we were able to return to the Awakening Church of God in Stara Zagora with Pastor Jimmy Luchev. Last year, when we ministered together again, we were lead by the Holy Spirit to deliver the words “Say ye to the righteous, that it shall be well with them”. This time we went to Stara Zagora under the same anointing and preached a message entitled “He remains the same”.

After the Word, all in service gathered at the alter. It was a time of peace and contemplation, as a special prayer of healing was given over the people. Although the church was full, there were several families absent due to the flu epidemic which has spread across the country effecting over 175, 000 people with 8 deaths already accounted for. But during this time when the government is closing down schools and people are wearing masks for health reasons, the Lord’s healing power remains the same and we are reminded of His promise that He will protect His people and “it shall be well with them”. We ask that you and your church continue to pray for Bulgaria during this time for a special hedge of protection during these cold months awaiting us.

Among all these dynamics, we were encouraged powerfully by the presence of the Holy Spirit in our meetings. After all the changes and transformations the Stara Zagora church has gone through during years past, it was encouraging that God remains the same. The people who are faithful to Him can trust in His ever-sameness with their lives and future, for His promises to us change not. Our team is planning to return to Stara Zagora before the end of the month for the next leg of our National Mega Youth Rally in Bulgaria.