Church Leadership Seminar for the Bulgarian Evangelical Church of God in Chicago

Back in 1994-95, we helped start the Bulgarian Evangelical Church of God in Chicago. The church has now grown to be a multifaceted ministry hub serving some 100,000 Bulgarian immigrants in the Great Lakes Region. We presented a three-day Church Leadership Seminar, which we have designed specifically for the Bulgarian Church of God with a special focus on the problem in ministry of the Bulgarian Evangelical churches in North America. Pastors, team leaders and lay ministers attended the seminar on Saturday afternoon for seven-hours of non-stop teaching and training. The module on Stress Management and Internal Motivation was most favored by those in attendance, as the discussion after the session continued for close to an hour. Overall, seven of the twelve modules of the seminar were presented including the following topics:

1. Problem Solving, Delegation and Conflict Resolution
2. Bulgarian Churches in North America: Analyses and Perspectives
3. Structuring the Church for Growth: Breaking the 200 Member Barrier
4. Stress Management and Internal Motivation
5. 21 Laws of Leadership
6. 17 Laws of Team Work
7. 52 Leadership Principles of Jesus