Camp Meeting 2008

This year, the Lord blessed us with the opportunity to participate in two camp meetings in Tennessee and South Carolina. On Thursday night, Rev. Floyd Lawhon delivered a very important and timely message on the priesthood in the church. This message related to the situation in Bulgaria so prophetically, that one can chart a map of the future developments within the Church of God based just on the words delivered in brother Lawhon’s sermon.

We were also able to travel to South Carolina and minister in the Newberry Church of God along with our good friends Pastor and Sister Michael Causey. Newberry is the first church which former Church of God overseer Paul Walker, took as his first pastorate. After the message was delivered, a gentleman approached us and told us of how he had not been in church for 7 years and came looking for a sign if he should return which he shared he found in the words of the message.

On Monday, Dr. Doug Small delivered a message on “Standing in the Middle” which prophetically related to the latest developments in Bulgaria and our ministry role, which we received through a revelation several years ago in our work with the Church of God in Bulgaria. During the altar call, he commanded in the Spirit to “go talk to the mayor.” Little he knew that our first stop in Bulgaria would be the mayor’s office of the city of Gabrovo to obtain a permit for the national Church of God assembly in the Heart of Bulgaria. We were also able to briefly present  our ministry at the missions’ banquet.