Bulgarian Evangelical News

Cup & Cross Ministries just released a new website in service to the Bulgarian evangelicals around the world. The web address is www.evangelsko.info. This site incorporates leading web technologies to build an up-to-date press center for various religious news and events from and about Bulgaria. A dynamic personalized column is also implemented to present interviews with evangelical experts in various professional fields and to strategically build an image of the current profile of the average Bulgarian evangelical.The website is next in a long series of strategic website for Bulgarian evangelicals released in 2006 as follows:

January 16, 2006: PastorBG.com – a website dedicated to the work and ministry of the Bulgarian evangelical pastor

February 16, 2006: Protesntantstvo.com – a website dealing with Bulgarian protestant history

March 16, 2006: Kapelanstvo.com – a website presenting chaplaincy

April 16, 2006: Hvalenie.com – a website for Bulgarian praise and worship, with downloadable gospel music and the only Top 10 Bulgarian Gospel List

May 16, 2006: Propovedi.net – a dynamic web database with audio and video sermons by Bulgarian ministers