Bibliata.TV Officially Launched

November 20, 2008 by  
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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and this is very much true for our new web-ministry project – a GodTube like web interface which gives the opportunity for churches, ministers and individual believers to publish their Christian videos of worship, preaching, evangelizing, prayer, drama, movies and much more.

We envisioned the project as a ministry opportunity back in 2006 when the YouTube syndrome swept the world. The planning for the website took some time, but it was its actual technological implementation that set us back of schedule a few months. We began preparing the server machine for the project in February 2008 and it took us six months to set it up for testing which began in the month of September 2008. Our team pre-released the website in beta testing version on September 15, 2008 which is the beginning of the school year in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, three consecutive government halting procedures delayed its official release until the month of November, when we were able to obtain a new server machine under a contract with a new hosting company abroad.

Since its official launching in November 2008 Bibliata.TV has been populated with over 1000 Christian videos by over 200 registered users. The newly released website is already serving as an online Christian community for Bulgarian believers around the globe.

Requests for new video materials, sermons, lectures, church services and music videos have been requested from Bulgarian communities across Bulgaria as well as in Belgium, France, Canada, United States, Spain and Germany. Using Bibliata.TV, we were able to provide live coverage for the Days of Open Doors event organized by the Bulgarian evangelical churches in celebration of the Day of Reformation in Bulgaria. But talk is cheap and a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, especially when you see it for yourself at