Back to Bulgaria Again

March 30, 2006 by  
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With a desire to return back to Bulgaria for another term of ministry, we did not know when or how it would come to be. After much prayer and belief that 2006 is our year of promise, we took a step of faith to do what seamed to be impossible and began to prepare for our trip to Bulgaria. After taking this step, miracle after miracle took place in our lives.After much traveling and ministering in North America, we were finally able to return to the small Eastern European country of Bulgaria where our team has established a permanent location for ministry work. Once again we are here in Bulgaria and door after door is being opened. We could have never imagined or planned what has already taken place just in this first month.

The power of God never ceases to amaze. We are going beyond the church walls into the market places. We are going beyond denominational barriers into the churches regardless of the name on the front door. We are going beyond the possible and allowing God to be our guide in the realm of the impossible. We have found that when we take a leap of faith, God is always faithful in His promise to provide for his children. His promises are ones we can stand upon. If we disregard what is possible and what is impossible and go where He leads, we will find that there is no impossible when God is involved.