At BibleTech in Seattle

March 30, 2009 by  
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Click here to add banner to your site! The blizzard caught up with us in South Dakota right after leaving Minneapolis in rout to the BibleTech conference organized by the Logos Bible Software in Seattle. We were stranded for two days in Murdo, SD until the interstate was drivable again and we slowly headed further West as the sun followed melting the icy roads ahead of us. Passing the Wall Drug of Rapid City, Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse memorial, we continued through Wyoming and Montana before reaching our final destination. Our arriving safely to Seattle was a miracle as the conditions were very difficult even compared to Bulgaria.  

The following morning we attended the BibleTech conference where we presented the case of our new website Bibliata.TV as an example of Underground Webministry (UW).  Our presentation purposed to raise the awareness of the usage of Bible related technologies in a censured Postcommunist context and to inform of the possibilities to do Christian WebMinistry in countries that institute and practice a purposed censuring regime toward Christian websites.  For it is our belief that while the time of “smuggling” Bibles may be long gone, the time of “smuggling” Bible websites is at hand.  

Our presentation was well attended and accepted as it is obvious from the Twitter follower’s feeds here:

We were also able to meet with the developers from the Logos Software, Olive Tree Software, The Sword Project, e-Sword and many others. Of special help to our ministry were the presentations of the Dramatizer software, Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM) and Geeks&God. The 2009 BibleTech experience was so amazing and enriching, that while still at the conference in Seattle, we began scheduling major WebMinistry 2.0 events for the Leadership Development Institute of the Church of God of Prophecy and the Bulgarian Evangelical Church of God in Chicago.