2006: The Year of Promise

January 1, 2006 by  
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Twelve months ago, God gave us a prophetic word about upcoming events in 2005 calling it The Year of the Spirit – a time of purposeful and determinate following of the leadership of the Holy Spirit independent from manmade strategies and organizations. As the weeks unfolded, we quickly understood that God was preparing us for a special time of ministry. Before the first quarter of 2005 was over, we watched how the words spoken by the Holy Ghost became a reality for many men and women in a way which no human group or organization could have planned or accomplished. As April of 2005 approached, we already knew that our presence in Bulgaria was needed and quickly prepared for our return. The days of ministry which followed upon our arrival in the country could have only been characterized as a miracle. As we continued to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit, new doors for ministry were opened, new relationships were established and revival was revealed to the hearts of many Bulgarians as the new-yet-old paradigm for church ministry and personal growth. While watching how at times hundreds of lives were being touched by His move, our understanding of God and His power, our way of doing ministry and theology and our very lives and souls were slowly transformed to accommodate God’s heart for national revival emerging from supernatural individual restoration.

With this testimony in heart, we approached 2006, becoming more aware that it will be a new time of ministry called a Year of Promise. Perhaps ten years ago, such revelation for Bulgaria would have been looked at as inappropriate, but today the time has come when God is calling the restoration of Bulgaria through restoring His Own Church. Being aware of how literally and exactly the Word of the Spirit was fulfilled in 2005, we are expecting that in 2006 promises which have been given to God’s people for Bulgaria will become a definite and unquestionable reality affecting the nation’s political, economical and social realm and creating an atmosphere for church unity and growth. Such statement may seem bold today in the midst of various crises and misfortune; however, it is in 2006 that God is calling His people in Bulgaria to repentance and unity in order to fulfill His will on earth “For the word of the LORD is right; and all his works are done in truth” (Psalms 33:4).