More Healing Reports from Bulgaria

August 15, 2003 by  
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image001Our team have had a very successful month of ministry. Although we have been pressed by the hot weather our team traveled regularly and we again held over 100 services in July. Our office is continuing to receive healing reports from our training conferences in June and July. The people who were healed during the services have been examined by doctors as their deliverance have been certified by medical records. Some of them have traveled with our teams to different churches to testify in the services for their healing miracles. This has brought an extraordinary anointing and faith in the services and has helped in bringing a great number of new converts. So far ten miracles have been reported as follows:

1. Tonka Dimitrova (age 31) from Zimnitsa healed from breast cancer.
2. Velichka Panaiotova (age 68) from the village Vodenichane was healed from ulcer she had for more than ten years.
3. Penka Boeva (age 68) from Lulin had a fractured shoulder seven years ago that did not heal properly and a pinched a nerve disabled the control over her right arm and developed into Parkinson. She was healed instantly.
4. Shtilqna Paskova from Leyarovo (age 70) had a tumor in the left arm since the age of 23, severe kidney infection and osteonecrosis in the right leg. She was healed at the water baptismal service.
5. Stoiana Dimitrova (age 70) with an atrophied right arm for 11 years was healed instantly.
6. Maria Zheliazkova (age 66) from Bogorovo with long-term osteonecrosis – healed instantly.
7. Genka Zlateva (age 40) from Polyana with muscular atrophy with a pinched nerve unable to move for 1½ years, was brought to the meeting and was healed after the prayer.
8. Todorka Atanasova (age 58) from Leyarovo with a severely damaged third spinal vertebra was healed after the meeting.
9. Ginka Petrova (age 65) from Leyarovo with constant migraine and headache conditions since the age of five was healed at the water baptism service and reports that she has no headache since.
10. As we reported in the last newsletter, our churches united in a prayer for rain. We provided a copy to each member with a special prayer calling on all believers, Protestants, Orthodox, Catholics, Jews and even Muslims, to ask God for rain. As a result, in the month of July every village where we minister has been blessed with abundance of rain.