Revision of the 1940 Bulgarian Bible Published

October 25, 2008 by  
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Twelve full years have now passed from the day we published the first Bulgarian online Bible in the fall of 1996. The text which we then used for the task was a computerized version of the 1940 revision of the Bulgarian Bible. Since that time, this text has become a classic Bible study tool for everyone who uses a computer to study the Bulgarian Bible. Many websites, including our own, have included the text as a Bulgarian standard reference and the Bible Works software has published it in its last several versions. Many of the Bulgarian Bible publishers have used it as a base for their new revision and the Gideon’s have helped distribute it to every corner of the country.

This year our team was able to publish, on paper, the 1940 Revision of the Bulgarian Bible with the help from our colleagues from This new edition contains 800 pages in a beautiful hard cover and can be purchased directly from the publisher at It has become one of our projects in the Year of the Bible in Bulgaria and we are hoping to be able to put this version in a set with the 1871 Constantinople Bible by the end of the year.