10 Years Bibliata.com

September 15, 2006 by  
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September 2006 marked the ten year anniversary of the creation of one of our ministry websites, Bibliata.com. Ten years ago on an old computer running on a 386 processor and 4MB of memory, the first texts of the Bulgarian Bible were prepared into a digital format. Now ten years later a consortium of over a dozen Christian websites is creating a new subculture in Bulgaria’s internet to form a context where Christian values and Biblical principles for life are again becoming motivating and governing powers of society.

For us, this anniversary is a sign that dreams can become reality. As part of the anniversary celebration in July we initiated the National Bible Tour 2006. We have already held, with great success, mega youth rallies in the towns of Stara Zagora, Yambol, Shumen and Bourgas along with our team’s direct participation at the New Wave-Sarafovo and Karandila summer youth camps. We have scheduled youth rallies in Varna, Plovdiv and Sliven for the months of September and October. Two weeks of revival services in Sofia and Bourgas are also planned as part of our Revival Harvest Campaign 2006.