Easter Letter 2001

April 10, 2001 by  
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risenWhat we remember from our past is what makes us continue toward the future. Our memories, even the unsuccessful ones, can make us wiser, stronger and better. Yet, we often tend to forget the bad memories; we put them away and run from them like from painful nightmares. They hurt because they usually remind us of betrayal, denial and separation.

Such is the story of the death of Christ. It is a painful story; yet, its remembrance brings joy and victory in our lives, because the story does not stop at the end of the human life where normal human stories stop. It continues further, as John the Revelator records the words of the Lord, “I was dead but I am alive again.”

The place in Jerusalem, which is considered to be the tomb of Jesus, is a cave in the side of a hill. The dark, wooden door, which leads into it, has a sign made out of solid oak. On it with bold, black letters stand the words: “HE IS NOT HERE – FOR HE IS RISEN.” If even his grave reminds of his eternal life, how much should we remember the corner stone of our Christian faith – that He is risen, he is not among the dead any longer. He is alive forever more, and because He lives we will too live for eternity.

This Easter season encourage yourself and those around you with these word from the tomb of Jesus, “HE IS NOT HERE – FOR HE IS RISEN.” Happy Easter!