2000 Thanksgiving Letter

November 16, 2000 by  
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Dear Pastor,

The Scripture advises us to give thanks to God at all times and on all occasions. It also gives thanks itself: Genesis gives thanks for the creation. Exodus gives thanks for the deliverance. Leviticus gives thanks from generation to generation. Numbers gives thanks for each generation. Deuteronomy gives thanks for the law. Joshua gives thanks for the Promised Land. The Historical books give thanks because His mercy endures forever. Psalms give thanks with a song. Proverbs give thanks with a word of wisdom. The Prophets give thanks for the coming Messiah. The Gospel give thanks for the Messiah who has come to the world. Acts give thanks for the Holy Ghost. The Epistles give thanks for we were delivered from sin, saved, sanctified, baptized, adopted to the family of God, healed, restored, blessed and wonderfully placed on the firm rock who is the Christ. Revelation gives thanks for He is coming again to deliver us from the trials and tribulations of the present world and to bring us to the abundant life in the Heavenly City. Therefore, I am thankful to the God who is my hope for both today and for eternity.

I am also thankful to Him for giving me the opportunity to minister to a great number of congregations in the Eastern United States during the period of my studies in the Seminary. More information, news reports and helpful Pentecostal resources may be now found at http://www.cupandcross.com where they are updated regularly. I hope you find the information on this website helpful for your studies as well.

In this time of gratitude and personal reflection, let us unite as one through the call of the Psalms, “Give thanks to the Lord!”


Dony K. Donev