2000 Easter Letter

April 10, 2000 by  
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easterAbout 11 pm on December 31, 1899 at the Bethel Healing Home in Topeka, Agnez Ozman was baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues after Charles Parham had prayed for her. The beginning of the year 1900 marked the genesis of the Pentecostal era.

One hundred years latter we are living in a time of great need for a fresh move of the Holy Spirit. In the beginning of this New Millennium we are again the Church of the first century. Once again, we are to rediscover, reclaim and repossess the power of Pentecost, which the Early Church operated in.

I am approaching this Easter season with great expectations for a mighty move of Christ’s resurrection power. I am reminded by the Word of God that this Easter, two thousand years later, He can still move stones, He can still walk through locked doors, He can still speak peace to His disciples and He can still baptize with the Holy Ghost. I am reminded that He cannot be found among the dead any longer, because Christ has risen – He has risen indeed.

Happy Easter!


Rev. Dony K. Donev

Cleveland, TN